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We areAaryanTech gaming agency.creative startup.

Trusted Services

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses. We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities and digital experiences.

Game Designing

From Wireframe to high fidelity game design with user experience in mind.

Game development

We are using high end tech for your game development.


Market your mobile apps with our scalable solution.


Creating High-End Games.

AaryanTech is one of the top developers of mobile games, with a passion for delivering high-quality experiences.

We commit to giving and pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to greatly improve our services and the resolve to implement them.
Aaryan Tech was established in 2019 with the goal of developing games and delevering to a worldwide audience accross multiple platforms.
Our small, talented team bring core expertise together from across the industry to perfectly meet your needs and that of a dynamic games industries.

To become a leader in terms of quality of service and entertainment by developing talent and professional skills.
We aim to offer the best gaming experience with the best possible entertainment value.
This vision aims to achieve quality and excellence of service while making the most of the team’s talent.

We are artists, designers, engineers, creators, all unified to make an impact and positive change with our games.  Our team is made up of a mix of diverse talent, cultures, leadership and experience.


Empowering theGaming industry.

At AaryanTech, we have an enthusiasm for mobile games that influences all of our creations today. We are always among the first to bring new games to the platform, and we continue to innovate with our releases for Mobile, and other digital formats. We are driven to amaze the world so that everyone can enjoy a moment of happiness. We've been delighting players with our games for years and hope to continue doing so in the future.